Kundalini Yoga Benefits Obtained Through Proper Incorporation of All Major Concepts

There are many valuable KundaliniYoga teachings available with lessons from Guru Rattana online. There is no shortage of Kundalini Yoga benefits, but before one can begin reaping the benefits, it is essential to know, understand and incorporate the major concepts of this particular type of yoga practice.

In KundaliniYoga, there are a number of major concepts that individuals are required to fully understand. These include the chakras, the eye focus and the bandhas among many others. Below we will discuss these three major Kundalini Yoga concepts and how individuals can benefit from each of them.

The chakras, which are also referred to as the energy centers, are located in different areas of the body, including the spine. These centers vibrate with their own frequencies. Each of them presents a person with the chance to establish a deeply rooted relationship, and at the same, satisfy his or her soul desires. Each of the frequencies also contains a certain power that enhances the human experience in this lifetime. As a person is able to tune in to these powers, he receives internal empowerment that allows him to deal with different life challenges. As a result, one can live a more whole, fulfilling and meaningful life.

Eye focus
In Kundalini, there are many kriyas and meditations that specify an exact eye focus. By being able to direct one’s gaze physically, the optic nerves are impacted. During meditation and other forms of activities in Kundalini, the various eye positions result in the optic nerve applying different pressures to the major glands. Eye focus does not only reduce the effect of external distractions, but it also is one of the most powerful forms of meditation techniques. Aside from physical effects, being able to focus the eyes also allows the mind to reach a point of awareness and stillness much easier.

Bandhas and self-sensory system
Thebandhas are considered to be the gateways for a person to develop core strength, subtlety and sensitivity. When one becomes a sensory human, it means that he has the capacity to fully utilize sensitivity and intuition despite chaos. When applied, these bandhas will help clear the blocks that restrict the flow of energy through the physical body, the subtle bodies and the chakras. As a result, one can enjoy harmony, balance and integrity.

As mentioned above, there are other major concepts that one needs to apply in order to enjoy the various Kundalini Yoga benefits. To learn more about these concepts, as well as learn from Guru Rattana online and other influential yogis, visit Yoga Technology online at yogatech.com.

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