Learn the Basics of Kundalini Yoga with a Maya Fiennes DVD

Start working towards your New Year’s resolution by purchasing a Maya Fiennes DVD from Yogatech.com. Learn about Kundalini Yoga and how this ancient form of yoga can change your life for the better. Kundalini Yoga emphasizes tapping into the unconscious energy in the body, awakening yourself in the process and enabling you to reach a high state of consciousness.

Maya is especially known for using her own music in her yoga classes. A trained classical pianist, she combines ancient and modern approaches to Kundalini Yoga to make her classes engaging and fun.

One of the DVD collections available at Yoga Tech from Maya Fiennes is “Kundalini Yoga: A Journey Through the Chakras.” In this DVD, Maya recounts how Kundalini Yoga was virtually unknown to Western civilization until 1969. It was during this year that Yogi Bhajan left India to come to the United States and share this form of yoga with the rest of the world.

The DVD box set contains practice segments that you can watch to learn how to open the first three subtle energy centers (also referred to as chakras). These energy centers are located in the lower half of the spine. The first disc titled “Courage” discusses how to work on the first chakra, while the second disc titled “Creativity” focuses on the second chakra while the third disc, “Willpower,” includes information regarding the third chakra.

Kundalini Yoga makes use of subtle movements that are repeated or held for a few minutes to awaken the entire body. This form of yoga features smaller movements like raising the arms continuously or twisting the body side to side while seated. Do not be fooled, however, as the practices are not easy. The repetition means that the movements are challenging and can make you sweat in no time. You will be surprised at how seemingly easy movements like moving from plough to seated bend can make you physically exhausted. There are also meditations and chants in between each posture, allowing you to recuperate from the yoga movements.

A Maya Fiennes DVD is a great investment for you or a special person in your life with an interest in this type of yoga. With a DVD box set from Yogatech.com, you will be able to learn more about Kundalini Yoga while releasing subtle energies within your body. You will feel relaxed and vibrant especially after a long day at work. This DVD collection and other DVDs are available for purchase at yogatech.com.

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